JFC Funding and budget

JFC Funding and budget

The Japan Fact Check Center (JFC) offers fact checking free of charge. This is because it is impossible to compete with the free false information if there is a charge for the verification articles that point out the errors.

For this reason, JFC relies primarily on donations and grants to fund its activities. In order to maintain organizational transparency, we will regularly disclose information about our budget and new funding here.

Support for JFC

Upon its establishment in October 2022, JFC received grant support of USD$1.5 million from Google.org, and 20 million yen from Yahoo! JAPAN.

In addition, in October 2023, JFC received funding of 5 million yen from LINE Yahoo! and in December of the same year, 4 million yen from Meta.

JFC is committed to promoting fact-checking and media literacy in order to improve the information environment and protect a healthy democratic society. In order to maintain and strengthen our activities, we would like to ask for broad support from various companies, organizations, and individuals who agree with us.

Accounting for JFC

In order to ensure not only independence from external parties, but also independence from the parent organization, SIA, the budgets of SIA and JFC are managed independently in separate accounts.

Here we will publish the documents by fiscal year. The first fiscal year is from the establishment on October 1, 2022 to the end of March 2023. Thereafter, we will release the documents approved by SIA's Board of Directors in June after the end date of the fiscal year at the end of March, in order.

Fiscal year 2022

To be released soon

Fiscal Year 2023

To be released in June 2024

The organizations supporting JFC

(as of the end of January 2024)


LY Corporation